Just a random thought.

Now that I’ve known a LOT better about my husband, including his daily antics, things that even his closest friends probably would die of laughter should they know about this, I realized that I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Because Chika, my best friend, has ‘prophesied’ about this to me.

Well, nothing too serious. As we were getting closer when she was still staying in Melbourne, I also got to ‘enjoy’ her pretty weird antics. Some were bordering to irrational, sometimes I wonder why I could stand being around her at such close proximity. I guess love is blind, huh? :p

So basically, since I often complained about how annoying or weird or disturbing her actions were, Chika always replied with such bold conviction that, “Mak (‘mum’ in a traditional slang, her pet name for me), don’t hate me too much now, since your kids will act like me!”.

Darn it, dear, but you’re almost right. Almost, cause it is my HUSBAND that is acting so similar to you! *facepalm*

But yes, I’ve got to admit that these kind of people do make my world so full of laughter. Again, love is blind, so I am a bit biased here. But still, I am thanking God for these weird, disturbing yet lovely people around me.

Oh, now that Chika is pregnant, maybe it’s my turn to have my ‘prophecy’ to happen xD
Tong, get ready for head-shaking, eye-rolling kids! Haha!

Come to think of it, since I seem to attract weird people, I might be one myself. Oh well.

weirdo love