Slightly recovering from hayfever and sorethroat, my mom started an experiment on making the replication of Happy Phoenix’s glorious Grandma Tofu. I wonder if she was thinking about the recipe when she was in her drowsiness from taking the meds. We started to mix some sauces with similar color and tastes around the kitchen on minced chicken and prawn, e.g. Pantai chili paste, bulgogi sauce, worchestershire sauce, soy sauce and some pepper and sugar to taste, before stir-friying them with tofu.

It turned out very delicious. A tad different from the original piece, but it tasted great. So we called it Mama Tofu, instead =)

The fried wontons were also good. Of course lah, orang bumbunya sama gitu, tinggal diwrap pake wonton skin trus digoreng, trus dicolek mayonnaise n sweet chili sauce.

Haizz.. senangnya ada mama di rumah. Fat fat faatt!!

nyaha. =D

After 5 years living in Melbourne, I finally tasted that famously glorious pies! phew. And what a beautiful strawberry jam do they have up there *tsk tsk tsk*. Will surely come back for more! and soon! *chuck bathroomscale away*

more details coming up bwehehehe..

*warning: this post is written in campuraduk between English and Indonesian. Confusions and bengong ditanggung sendiri*


Glorious food all around !! Inikah rasanya klo nganggur dan gatau harus ngapain *sigh. Maunya makaann terooss. Ntar klo gendut baru bingung, marah2, sering ngunjungin bathroom scale, sensi berat klo ada yg bilang (very likely Andre Bebek dan Chris Kang yg ngomong) “juk, lu tamba gemuk?”, ngerajuk ke my boyfriend “yank, klo aku tamba gendut kamu tetep sayang kan?”, and at the end trying to suppress all those discouraging comments by eating sweet desserts !!


But hey, let’s see this from the bright(-er) side. I’ve only got another month to enjoy what Melbourne has to offer before I’m flying back to my home country for a 3-month holiday, so I may say that I want to indulge in all those foods before departing home. Gah. what a weak, stupid, self-absorbed excuse. I crave to be thinner and healthier when I’m going back to Surabaya. But I don’t think I can achieve that when I also crave for big meals and sweets, can I.

Maybe I should start cooking. O shoot my mom’s coming next week! Babi hong, mie malayan, black pepper steak, bistik sapi, ayam hainan, rawon, macaroni schottel, sop merah, puding coklat pake fla *__________*

arrghh save me from this sweet misery!!