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Some choices should be based solely on Scripture. We don’t need to pray about whether or not to commit adultery, steal from our employer, or avoid paying the taxes we owe. For each of these, God has clearly laid out instructions for us in His Word. But on areas where Scripture is silent, the Holy Spirit desires to guide our steps along the specific path the Father has chosen for us.

For instance, whom should you marry? Which career should you pursue? What home should you buy? True, the Bible gives a few guidelines on these topics. It tells us to marry only fellow believers, to steer clear of jobs that require unethical behavior, and to avoid overspending. But we also need specific guidance from God in these areas.

The Prompting of the Holy Spirit

After we have received Jesus as our Savior, the His Spirit dwells within us to…

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Back in July, me and hubby went to Koorong to look for The Picture Bible for Children. Hubby told me that his first encounter with the stories in the Bible was from this book when he was a kid. Feeling nostalgic, he insisted to search for the book since he lost his original one. As he was looking for that book in Children section, I roamed around Women and Relationship shelves, hoping to find a good book for myself so I could get it for 20 percent off, too. Instead, I chose to buy a devotional. Another devotional. Andrew raised his eyebrow when I handed that book for him to pay, knowing that I’ve got two other books on my bedside table, but he didn’t say anything. Once in the car, he asked me, “you need another devotional?”. I paused for a bit, then I said to him, ‘no, but the book looks pretty’. I rest my case.

As it turned out, God used this pretty book to bash me.

Packed with different themes each week, God led me to get to know Him, and myself, through this book. And many times, as I read and ponder on His Word, I felt like I’ve been hit between the eyes.

A month ago, the theme was about ‘Courage’. This spoke quite loudly to me, since I am generally quite apprehensive. I get anxious over little things. I am careful in everything, maybe way too careful, so I can avoid mistakes or bear any failures. And being a perfectionist, I tend to want to get things done my way. And when they didn’t, I would see that as an offense, and I wouldn’t be too nice about it. A control-freak, in short. As I went through each page, day after day, I came to one brutal conclusion; damn, I really am a coward. It is one thing to strive for perfection by covering all loop holes and planning everything to a T, but it is another thing to be so afraid to start anything because you won’t forgive yourself if you don’t do it perfectly.

My parents know that quite well about me, and have been encouraging, nudging, and badgering me when it comes to my reluctance to ‘come out of my shell’ and embrace new things.  And I know how much deeper my Father, my Creator knows my heart and my character. But it didn’t really stop me from asking, “why does God seem to challenge my weaknesses? Why does He always strike my soft spots?”. D’uh, right? Yet, I found it hard to accept why God had to ‘complicate’ things before I could get to what He’s got in store for me.

The verse from the second day of the week was taken from 2 Timothy 1:7,

“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline”

As I pondered on this, Holy Spirit kept asking me to look at the word “give” in this verse. I asked Him to elaborate, and He reminded me of the movie Evan Almighty. Nearing the end of the movie, Evan’s wife was so troubled that no one believed in Evan and his mission to save the world. God (Morgan Freeman) approached her, and said this line,

Let me ask you something. If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does He give them the opportunity to be patient? If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does He give him opportunities to be courageous? If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does He give them opportunities to love each other?

I know this was not (the real) God’s Word, but man, such wisdom!

Holy Spirit continued to guide me in understanding this verse. If we truly believe that the Word of God is the truth and alive, that He is our DNA, then it’ll make more sense that God will work from within us first before He changes our surroundings. When He gives courage to us, He will be working inside-out, not outside-in. He won’t necessarily create peaceful, calm, smooth situation for us to feel peace, because what’s the point in giving us courage if we have nothing to use it against? When we claim and receive courage from God, though our surroundings may not look too promising, we can activate, exercise our faith through the courage that He has given us.

Pam Brewer, the writer for this topic, explained that ‘(God) will never direct you to compromise your faith or your integrity in order to accomplish His will… God is always at work in and around us, allowing our needs to collide with others, so that He can fulfill His plans in both. When we are faced with tests, and we are confident that God is with us, we can act with courage that the sacrifice will be worth the blessings for everyone touched by it.”

From the challenges that I’ve been allowed to go through, I learned that to be courageous is not always about being bold and brave, or ticking the boxes and getting things done. Sometimes courage is needed when God asked me to be vulnerable, to let things go, and give up myself (my plans, my thoughts, my pride) though it hurts. Or to open up and write about it, though it means highlighting my weaknesses. One obvious thing I know He’s teaching me is to be compassionate. To exercise love and mercy, and to be persistent about it, especially when I don’t feel like it. His Word didn’t say, “God (give) spirit of power, of love, of self-discipline when you feel like doing it“. Nope. It is an encouragement that despite my situation, God’s gift is abundant for me to do His work.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus” [Philippians 4:19]

His grace is enough. Through all the ups and downs, I know He will sustain me. Though many times I questioned how long should I endure the uncertainty and the unknown, I can always look back and declare that all the things that have been happening to me..they were all perfect and wonderful, and there’s no way I could’ve done all that myself. Deep down I believe that my loving Father is standing at the end of the tunnel, smiling widely at me and says, “I told you so! I told you everything is going to be okay!”. I just have to believe, and take the step!

God knows I need to exercise my courage. He knows I’m weak and defenceless, so like a baby needing some vaccinations, He gave me some ‘weak virus shots’, right where they’re needed to stimulate my faith and thus activate my ‘antibody’. It will be uncomfortable for me at first, I might be in pain for a while, but as I continue to hold on to Him, to satisfy myself with His presence, He will make me stronger. And when I am faced with some more challenges in the future, I will be ready. Eventually.

I’m not there, yet. But I will be.

“..for truly I say to you; if you have faith even as little as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain ‘move here to there’, and it will move;..” [Matthew 17:20]

I had trouble understanding this verse for a long time. But finally it dawned on me. The keyword is not in ‘as little as a mustard seed’, but Jesus said, ‘if you have faith’! I’m not sure how we can measure our own faith, let alone compare it to something as small as a seed. But once we commit ourselves to believe in His Word, taking the steps amidst the impossibles and give no room for doubts; that’s when we know that we have faith! and God can work through that faith, no matter how small. Like trickles of water among a pile of rocks; it doesn’t matter how small the size of the gap is, the water will find it and flow through it. Likewise, the size of our faith, or should I say, our effort is not the main component here. It is God who can make the difference. It is God through us that can move those mountains!

Courage. Alongside obedience, it is one of the ingredients of faith. This revelation is a tremendous burden off my shoulders; that when God asked me to be courageous, He didn’t intend to just let go of my hand and let me walk through the wilderness by myself. Like the famous quote that said, “If He lead me to it, He’ll lead me through it”, He is with me every step of the way. Even if I cowardly decide to take my time and delay things and ignore His nudge, like I did many times before, but hey, He will still be here. Right here with me. I just pray that every time I feel afraid and insecure and unsure, I will always remember that it is not my effort, it is not about me. Everything that happens are all working together, no matter how wrong it may seem at that moment, for His glory. To serve His perfect plan. I pray that as He continues to mold (and bash and crack and remold) me, His Word and His love will always feed me with strength and encouragements to keep moving forward, no matter how mentally/spiritually/physically strenuous it may be. A small girl like me can only do so much, but my GOD can do ALL THINGS!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” [Philippians 4:13]

enough said 🙂

Thank You, Lord!!


Charles Stanley

When I was a teenager Proverbs 3:5-6 became my spiritual compass. Whenever I faced a difficult decision, I always turned to it for assurance. God etched its simple but profound truth in my mind and heart. It continues to be a signpost along life’s road, ever pointing me to the bottom line for all decisions: trust and obey God. It is an eternal combination that always makes one a winner.

Why? Because God is trustworthy. He is dependable. He is sovereignly working everything together for his glory and our good.

His wisdom is given to those who look to him, lean on him, rely on him. The more we depend on our Father for instruction, strength, hope, and guidance, the more abundantly he confers on us his divine wisdom.

We cannot receive wisdom from God apart from a relationship with him. God is not interested in teaching his ways to…

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Dancing. Not that I know much about it.

But I love dancing. Apart from some dancing lessons either from private or school program I attended during my childhood (ballet, tari Jawa, modern dance, Poco-poco), I naturally love moving along the rhythm and the melody of a song. Growing up in an artistic family allowed me to express my art side, though somewhat selective, since I can’t really draw no matter how many drawing teachers and packs of crayons and paints I’ve gone through.

When we started dating, I was quite delighted to find out that my hubby’s uncle and aunty dance a lot; ballroom dancing, as a matter of fact. Often we mentioned to each other that we would love to ask them to teach us some ballroom dancing someday, yet it took almost 2 years till we finally took the step (literally) and started learning from them. Yes, some of you who’s known my hubby for a while would not simply believe that he can dance. But o yes he can; ‘Andro loves to boogie!’, his aunty said. We’ve been learning for two months now, every Thursday night after the cousins’ dinner at Uncle’s house. And what a hard work! All three of us (me, hubby and uncle; since aunty’s usually busy with tidying up the kitchen and cooking for tomorrow’s lunch) would be catching our breaths and gulping on glasses of water by the end of it.  But it was good fun, too!

On one fine, cold evening in August, me and hubby had a disagreement. It was over something simple, but sometimes the simplest thing can lead to something ridiculous if we don’t see eye to eye. If I may be jayus here, it is kinda difficult since hubby is way taller than me, but you know what I mean. After the ‘temperature’ went down, hubby softly reminded me that I have to trust him, just like when he leads me when we dance.

And I think I had a lightbulb moment right there.

After hubby reminded me about trusting him, I brainstormed about the similarities in learning to dance and in walking with God in our everyday lives. And how I was amused at how God taught me through simple, daily things. Let’s see if you agree with me 😉

He asked for our hands first.
If you’ve ever read or watched a classical love story situated in Europe circa 18th-19th century, you’d find that it was the norm for the lads to come to the ladies and ask for their hands for a dance – not the other way around. It goes the same with our God. He chose us first, not because of who we are or what we’ve done. He initiated the relationship first because He knew we did not have the power nor the will nor the condition to do it first. He won’t leave us on our own, simply because He loves us [Ephesians 1:4].

It takes two to tango.
Or to do any couple dances, generally. This one is quite straight-forward, I think. There’s no way that we are going to perform any good number if Andrew had to drag me during our session. Both of us would be exhausted; him from hauling me, and me from being hauled. We’re not gonna get anywhere, and there’d be no point in doing it in the first place. It is imperative to understand that for us to get somewhere with God, we need to move, too! Could God drag us? yup I bet He could. Would He be tired from hauling us to our destination? I don’t think He would. But what is the point of getting to our destination without understanding the reason why we need to get there? Our journey with God requires our willingness, our participation, our agreement, our openness, where God as our Great Teacher, our Maker will show us why and how to ‘dance’ correctly. And it is important to remember the keyword: together, because that’s what makes all the difference. [Amos 3:3]. This also reminds me on whom we choose to walk together with. Our spouses, our close friends, our partners. Will God find delight in our ‘dance’ with them?

When we are agreeing with God on the destination that He has prepared for us, it is natural to be enthusiastic to ‘dance’ together with Him. But I believe we need this one thing that will guarantee our willingness and enthusiasm:

The first two, three weeks of our dance lessons, the most comment you heard from me was, “what are you doing??”. Poor Andrew – he was still counting the steps in his head, and he had to lead me.  And he’s got me nagging on his tail, counting loudly. I thought I was helping him by doing that, which I might be at some point but certainly not all the time. Uncle taught us the basic steps and a few variations, and that was when the chaos started. I didn’t trust hubby on his counting and which variation he was about to perform, so I was so stiff because I didn’t know what will happen next. So many times we ended up bumping into each other. One time he had to twirl and tug me as part of the routine, but since I wasn’t sure which variation he was about to do, I wasn’t ready when he tugged me. Since I wasn’t ready, his tug was too strong for me and I lost my balance. Good thing patience runs in the family. His family, because the Uncle just laughed it off and asked us to start over. It took some more weeks till I grew more comfortable and trusting my hubby. Why? Because I knew now he could do it. He could pull off some fancy movements; twirling, tugging, zig-zag, scissor style, cross-hands, whatever they call it, without bumping into me. And I’ve learned to listen to him, to his cues and his nods on which routine we would do next.

We need to remember that God is the lead, God is the ‘guy’ in this dance. The more we surrender ourselves to be taken by His movements, the more comfortable we will be. We will grow more familiar to His voice, His cues, His next moves, His plans. And naturally, because we know Him so well, our trust in Him will also grow deeper and stronger. When things don’t go our ways, when it seems that everything is against you, remember that God knows what He’s doing. Our ‘Lead Guy’ knows exactly where He’s taking us, and believe that we are safe with Him. My hubby might be super iseng, and he’s pranked me lots and lots of times, but I know he is serious when it comes to my safety. He won’t purposely twirl me and didn’t catch me, or slam his boxy shoulder on me. I know that for sure, because I know Andrew loves me. The more true it is with our God. The sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, the blood He shed; God the Father let that happened, though it crushed His heart. Why? Because our safety is no laughing matters for Him. He had calculated every moves He had to take to save us, and He doesn’t stop there. He’s never stopped since, and He’s still doing it now, at this very moment [Jeremiah 29:11]. When we feel that God doesn’t seem to care, when we start to question, “what are You doing??”, maybe.. just maybe, it’s because we don’t trust Him enough.

Get to know Him. Spend time with Him, a little bit more each day. Have a quality time with Him, and from that we will see that trusting Him is the most natural thing to do.

learn the basics.
Every time Uncle was about to teach us a new variation, he reminded us, “don’t forget the basic steps! It’ll be a waste of time to teach you more moves if you can’t even remember the basic steps”. Harsh, you may say. But he’s absolutely right, and meant well. If we can’t even remember the simple ‘slow-and-slow-and-quick-quick’, we will be in deep trouble when we’re trying to execute ‘slow-and-slow-and-twirl-tug-switch hands-quick-quick’, and so on.

I’m sure that’s what God also wants us to do; learn the basic, learn the foundations. Read His Word, meditate on it. Take His Word as the sovereign ‘manual’, the ultimate foundation of our daily lives.

I am no expert when it comes to Biblical knowledge. Heck, sometimes it took a while for me to find where the book of Isaiah is; is it before or after Psalms? But there are so many times when I was weak and clueless, His Word, His Truth set me back up on my feet. When I was worried, I’d read Matthew 6:25-34. When I was hopeless and afraid, I’d drown myself in Psalms 62:5-8. When I don’t know how to pray, or how to express my requests to Him, He taught me how in Philippians 4:4-7. When God answered my prayers, or when He asked me to wait, I’d be holding on to Jeremiah 29:11 and Isaiah 55:8-9. Yea yea, I know, Isaiah is after Psalms.

Slowly, as I learned about His Word, reading and meditating on His Word was not an empty slogan anymore; it was the anchor of my life. It’s alive, it’s powerful, it sets me free, it brings me to knowing God even more. Because honestly, how are we going to know about God and His plan for us if we never read about Him? When everything is explained and answered right there in His Word? As our faith is strengthened and edified by His Word, won’t we be more confident no matter what ‘variations’ life may bring?

be humble.
don’t rush. Listen to the Instructor when He corrects you. It is better to slow down and revise and get it right before moving on, rather than end up with a messy ‘choreography’. Since He knows us best, He chooses the ‘song’ for us; the speed, the steps, and with everything else to compliment and encourage our abilities. Don’t compare ourselves with others; don’t force ourselves to do rhumba or tango if we can’t even do a simple cha-cha. Don’t envy the portion that God has set for someone else; He knows what He is doing, and learn to be thankful for whatever He has given us. Do it right with God, don’t get easily offended. He only means the best for us, though sometimes He can be stern and discipline. Believe that in all that He does, He does it with love [Hebrews 12:5-7].  Be humble, let Him mould us into a great piece that will bring glory to Him.

look up.
“don’t keep looking at your feet! chin up!”, that’s what Uncle said. But of course it was easier said than done. Every time he taught us a new variation, I’d be counting out loud and looking down at my feet and Andrew’s, making sure that we were doing it correctly. That reminds me about something else. I also did that when my driver in Surabaya was teaching me on driving a manual car. I kept looking at the pedals and the shifting gear and didn’t really pay attention to where I was going; I just had to make sure that I didn’t stall the car. Hmm.. no wonder my driver looked a bit sick and refused to accompany me the next day.

But anyway. You get what I mean, right? We can’t focus on our situations all the time. We can’t always look down and pity ourselves and mourning our conditions when all that God wants us to do is to look at Him.

What if we make mistakes? In my opinion, God doesn’t mind if we make mistakes, as long as it is genuinely unintentional. He knows that we are not perfect, He knows we still have a loott to learn. It’s okay to be tired, it’s okay to want to stop for a bit. This is when it’s important to always look up to Him. Because despite all that we’ve done, He’ll still be holding our hands!

We learned Waltz last week, and boy what a mess we were. Andrew kicked my shin a number of times, and I kept on stepping on his right foot. It took a while before we could actually dance with the music. And though we did make some mistakes, Uncle quickly encouraged us, ‘go on! keep on dancing, no one’s going to mind minor wrong footing anyway!’. I can imagine that’s what God also said to us whenever we made mistakes; “Go on! keep on going, I got you!”.

When we choose to focus on Him instead of our selves, that’s when He will work mightily through us [2 Corinthians 12:9-10]. Look at His love, look at His guidance. Look up!

And… last but not least,

don’t forget to have fun.
So many times we forget that we are going through lives together with God. I remember last week I literally whined and complained to God that everything, – well, the answer to my prayers, specifically, – took really long, and I don’t know how long I could stand this. He gently reminded me, “but dear, I am also waiting with you.”

That’s got me thinking.

God loves us. He created us because He longs for a loving companionship, a genuine relationship with us. And I don’t think He’d purposely deprive us of something that is good for us and our relationship with Him.

If… it’s good for us and our relationship with Him.

I know for sure that a loving Father as He is will put His children’s wellbeing a first priority. So when He knows that something is not right, however good it may look, there’s no way in the world or heaven that He’s going to give it to us. And when it is actually good for us but we are not ready yet, He would put a halt on it. I can imagine that He’d be brimming with excitement, waiting for that moment when we are changed and ready so He could finally answer our prayers. So He is also waiting.

So, rather than whining and complaining and sulking and wringing God’s hands to give us what we want, I’d say we enjoy this journey. Sometimes we are so focused on the destination, causing us to be completely oblivious to our surroundings. When we decided that whatever road God is taking us, whatever dance God is leading us on, we will do it with joyful hearts, I’m sure we are living a fruitful life. This is our testimony, when we are living our lives in the fullness of joy from God. Joy is highly contagious, and isn’t a joyful heart the best medicine for all situations? [Proverbs 17:22]

Before I end this, I just have to ask this question;

Who are you dancing with right now?


Alright. I didn’t know this one would be this long. But anyway, this is what God taught me for the past month. It might be different from what you have experienced, but I believe all that comes from God will be truly inspiring. I love how God works differently to each of His kids. And as we are dancing through life with Jesus, may we all be a living testimony to God’s love and glory.

that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. [John 17:21]

“Chronological age doesn’t determine youthfulness; heart attitude does.”


Charles Stanley

Psalm 103:1-5

When Abraham was 99 years old, God promised him that his wife would have a son the following year. The Bible records Sarah’s response to the news: “Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, ‘After I have grown old, shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also?’” (Gen. 18:12 niv). Her skeptical laughter indicated that she didn’t expect the Lord to keep His promise.

The following year when the Lord’s promise was fulfilled in the birth of Isaac, Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me” (21:6 niv). This time, her laughter was the joyous kind that comes from seeing the Lord is at work and keeping His word.

Can’t you just picture the difference in her countenance on those two occasions? The first time, Sarah’s face must have looked old, weary, disappointed, and etched with unbelief. But later…

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Dear daughter, let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to you.

The world, as we are, are addicted to speed. We are taught to get things done, and find solutions when problems occur. Quickly. With everything moves and changes so rapidly nowadays, pausing and resting will cost us dearly. Japan created the fastest ever bullet train, Shinkansen, running at 500km/hour. I mean, how fast would you want to get somewhere without risking your nose moving to the back of your head? The power of iPhone, in which you can talk, take note, take and send messages and photos and videos, talk to and see your friend, listen to music, read, play games (anything else I missed?), has swept the world. Indomie, kebanggaan Indonesia, requires 10minutes max, some water and a saucepan and a plate for you to enjoy it. And some cutleries, of course, unless you eat mi goreng with your hand. As ‘healthy’ as they may be, people love the quick and simple solution to get what they want. The world demands us, pushes us to be fast and efficient. Straight-forward and yet flexible to changes, following the trend. Bosses don’t wait for workers to feel good to get their tasks done; finish your job, find solution to problems, produce something meaningful, or you’re history.

Now, in contrary, today God taught me about rest.

He saw how I’ve struggled for a while to compete with my surroundings. He knew how troubled I have been, thinking that I was not good enough, I was not productive enough. That I am nothing, because I have done nothing.

But God is a loving God. As I am renewing my walk with God, He has graciously taught me about His heart. He pulled me back under His wings, and nurtured me back to life. The more I spent time with Him, the more revived I was. As I poured my heart to Him, He opened my eyes and ears to receive His promises, to ease my burden, to calm my troubled soul. I believe that He is faithful, He will fulfil His promises.

But as time went by, I grew restless. I questioned God’s timing; “If You said that You would do something at around this time, why am I not seeing anything yet? Why haven’t things start to change?”, my heart complained. And then I thought, “if God promised us something, do we just wait until it happens, or do we also take part in making it happen?”.  I started to search for logical solutions to solve my problems, believing that I was ‘doing my part’, alongside God who is doing His. But the more I dived myself into ‘doing my part’, slowly I became obsessed with finishing the ‘project’, and I couldn’t wait to pass the finish line and celebrate. Slowly I no longer running alongside Him; I tried to outrun Him.

And naturally, the struggle floated back to the surface. Like a columnist with a deadline, I tried to push things towards God’s timing. I became so frustrated, because obviously, nothing seemed to work. Like a circle trying to fit into the mould of a triangle, I put pressure on myself, on others, but nothing seemed to go my way. You see, I started to forget that it was God’s way to begin with. It was God’s promise that I will definitely receive what I was praying for. But I obviously didn’t trust Him enough. This reminded me of what Pastor Floyd Ellsworth shared in 3rd service earlier this month at church.

“God has the blueprint of our lives. We don’t have to figure out everything. He’d rather not have you asking about His plan, because we tend to ruin them. We might leave Him, running ahead of Him or try to help Him. No, He’d rather have you take His hand and walk with Him, and let Him show you the fulfilment of His promise.”

Ps Floyd continued with the story of Abraham (then-Abram) and the cost of Sarah’s (then-Sarai) distrust and disobedience towards God. She ran ahead of God’s timing and tried to help Him executed His promise, which resulted in the birth of Ishmael [Genesis 16]. Though God also loved Ishmael, but he wasn’t part of God’s initial promise. God still kept His promise to Abraham by giving him a son through Sarah, but Sarah’s disobedience brought war that is still continuing till this very day.

If only Sarah rested in God.

I learned that resting is NOT the same as not doing anything,  so I should not feel guilty about it. He invited me to learn something different, and I am so happy whenever He is teaching me something. He reminded about a few things we can do while we are resting in Him.

Open yourself up to Him. [1 Peter 5:7]
Soak up, bask yourself in His love. [Ephesians 2:4-5]
Let Him fill your cup, satisfying your soul. [Psalm 23]
Let Him renew your strength. [Isaiah 40:31]
Let His peace calms your soul. [John 14:27]
Drown, immerse yourself in Him. [Ezekiel 47:3-5]
Give thanks for the works He has done in your life. [Philippians 4:6]
Get to know Him. Let Him show Himself to you. [Jeremiah 29:13-14a]
Praise Him, simply and surely because He is worthy to be praised. [Psalm 34, 103]

There’s a time for everything. And this is the time for me to rest. Yes, I have to do my part, because God also wants me to learn to walk in faith. But now I know He’d rather have me do nothing and rest, than run ahead of Him, thinking that I’m doing the right thing and end up ruining His plan. He reminded me to immerse myself deeper in Him, just like the water in the river at the time of Ezekiel. So when the time comes for me to move, I will move in obedience, in synchronise with Him 🙂 So that the pieces of the puzzle – my piece and His piece – will fit perfectly, and bring honour to Him.

Obedience protects. King Jehosaphat obeyed God and rest in the Lord by praising Him with his army instead of running down to the battle ground and trying to fight off the attacking nations. [2 Chronicles 20:1-30]. Joshua obeyed God and circling the wall of Jericho in praises, exactly as how God asked Him to, instead of trying to penetrate the wall and probably got killed by the army of the city. [Joshua 6]. It might seem ridiculous when time starts running out, yet God asks us to be still and rest in Him. Most of our first reaction would be, “But it doesn’t make sense!!”. But He has a purpose in every word He says, He has a plan in every guidance He gives. Our solutions, however logical or sensible they may seem, sometimes are not God’s ways. Obeying God and walk on our own understanding could be a matter of life and death, physically or spiritually. Look at what Saul had done to himself. [1 Samuel 15]. When God asked me to rest in Him, I know He is protecting me. Might be from others, might be from myself. O yes I know how much damage I could make if I was given the chance. And I thank Him for shielding me from the chaos I could create for myself.

When we rest in God, He will freely, abundantly give us rest [Matthew 11:28]. He is absolutely joyful in the idea of giving Himself to us. He delights in us, more and more as we come near to Him. As I learned to know the heart of my God, I pray that I may obey Him; this is my living sacrifice to Him. To trust in His timing and His hand; there’s no way He’ll miss His own timing! As our souls find rest in Him, we may see that He is faithful to us. As I am resting and pausing from things that are worrying me, I may see that God’s timing will be perfect in me.

Thank you, Father, for teaching me. I am humbled by Your love ❤

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him. Truly He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will not be shaken [Psalm 62:5-6]

Find rest my soul, in Christ alone
Know His power, in quietness and trust [Still – Hillsong]