So. We bought a puppy.
*cue nervous squeals*

We’d been looking at The Trading Post for some puppies for months. And as much as it had made me nervous, I couldn’t help myself but kept scrolling through those pages and photos. And wondered; what it felt like to have one of them.

And which one of them that I would go for.

And based on price and location, we decided to check out this home breeder in Melton. She bred first generation Cavoodle; which is a cross mix of Cavalier King Charles and Toy Poodle. We looked it up on Google and Pinterest, and we were quite happy with their temperament, characters and their look when they’re older. Puppies will always look cute, we just want to make sure that the look goes on as they get older haha.

We drove there on Sunday, 7 February 2016, on Chinese New Year’s Eve, and it was also Sophie’s (Nin&Stan) 4th birthday. We didn’t realize how far Melton was. It was like a full-on industrial road trip to the West. At least for me. Maybe because I was so nervous my senses were running wild.

When we arrived at the place, we saw three people walked out of the house, and one of the girls was holding a cream, fluffy puppy. My heart sank a bit; both because of the fact that I might be missing out, and also because I might be going home with one of those fluffy fury ball.

The lady (Laura) had four puppies left; three girls and one boy. The boy was apricot and round, the girls were blenheim (white and red spots). I stood there unsure of what I was supposed to do, Andrew dunk in amongst the jumping puppies straight away. You could guess who’s the animal person here. After a while, two of the girls seem to be interested in us. One straight-haired girl (more Cavalier) sat next to me and started licking my hand; another curly-haired girl (more Poodle) showed her tummy to Andrew as an invitation to rub her. So that narrowed it down. Laura said amongst the four, the cutest was the one who were friendly with Andrew. She has a more round teddy-bear face, and her curly hair will help the look, too. AND she was quite popular. During our time there, there were about 5 phone calls asking for her.

It took a while before I made a decision. We went for the straight-haired girl, because she was gentle and she seemed to like me. Andrew actually let me decide. He didn’t say a word about his preference, which was a bit nerve-wracking. But I was sort of glad he did, because I was the one who had to be very sure about this. He’d been wanting a dog since he was a kid so he wouldn’t have mind either way. As I was sitting down, filling in the new owner’s forms, I looked up and saw the curly-haired girl sitting on her hind legs, looking at me with her round eyes. And she looked so perfect. I actually said it out loud.

Laura replied, “It’s up to you. All I’m saying is: you can choose your puppy, not your child”.

And that’s how we ended up going home with Pippa.

She was quiet and a bit scared on the way home, and I had this tightness in my chest as I tried to make her comfortable on my lap and hoped she wouldn’t pee on me.


Why ‘Pippa’, you may ask?

Well, I like that name, first of all, ever since Kate Middleton’s wedding and we heard about her gorgeous sister. But I wouldn’t name my daughter that, so this is a perfect chance for it. Also, it rhymes with puppy/peepee/poopoo haha!

So here’s to a totally new adventure. Bring it on, 2016.