Really? It’s only been 3 weeks?

Goodness me, I thought it’s been 3 months already.

Time flies when.. uh, wrong quote.

“Time stands still when you’re having it rough”
*cue crying/laughing hysterically emoticon*

I don’t know what we’re getting ourselves into. Or why, really. Oh, I know why.

I want something else to cuddle. As if my husband is not cuddly enough.

Having. a. puppy. is. hard. work.

She’s super cute, and has been growing really fast, too. She weighs in 3.7kg last night when we went to the Vet to get her ears checked. We found out she’s had an ear infection when we brought her in the first time, and has been on Dermotic ear treatment for 10 days. It’s pretty much cleared up, which is good news.

Now comes the hard part. It’s called ‘discipline’.

*insert crying/cross-eyed emoticons here*