a sudden wish or urge that prompts an unpremeditated act or feeling.

i. have. an. impulse. to. buy. a. puppy.


Remember when I said when I’m too scared/nervous at something, I tend to not see it in writing? Because seeing it will make it real?

So yeah, there you go. I can’t believe I am actually thinking of buying a dog. A freakin’ dog. The one little thing that my Dad prohibited when we grew up. The one thing that I know will require a lot of commitment and effort and attention and time. And effort.

So why do I have an impulse to get a puppy now?

Well, we thought it could help with our stress level. And our love handles. And I want something fluffy to cuddle. And it could be good with kids.

Since we’ve got the idea of getting a puppy, we still haven’t decided on what to buy. But definitely something small. One that you can carry. Something fluffy. Not white. I don’t mind black. But might go for brown/black. Spots.

I’m not even sure if it’s going to be good for us. With our work hours and everything else.