Today I’ve once again succumbed to the realization, that,

LIFE goes on, no matter what.

You can push it other way, and wish for something different to come around,
or you can embrace it with joy.

Like the waves of the ocean.
You can bark at them and chase them back to the ocean, stopping them to touch the sand,
or you can immerse yourself in the ebb and flow of their caresses.
But remember, they never repeat themselves.

Time ticks forward, the universe leaves its shadow behind.
Your wishes for a different tomorrow will never come,
when you don’t care about your today.

Your curses will stay dark and sad,
or you can start see them a different way,
blessings in disguise.

You can’t possibly blame others for every single things that happened to you,
can you?

When you can still take a deep breath,
taking in the changes evolving around you.
Take the chance, let them excite you.

Life, however fast it moves,
is supposed to be exciting.

Be brave.
As long as there’s a living breath within you,
as long as you believe there is One Greater being, far greater than you,
looking after you,
be brave.

Life is changing, it is running,
it doesn’t wait for you.

And in the end, it’s all up to you.
Will you run, too?