How far back do you want to have your old posts to be featured in your new blog site?

Upon working on the new domain, which has not improved significantly whatsoever since I kept clicking on the wrong button, I suddenly remember that I actually had written some posts on Friendster, years and years ago when social networking was firstly introduced to Internet users.

And this was what I found when I searched for my Friendster blog.

Interesting, huh.

Before panic started to roll in my tummy, I opened my Facebook and yes, I have ingeniously transferred some of the posts into the Notes provided by the more sophisticated social networking site, and since then (2007) I was using Facebook Notes as my blogging space.

Going back to this site, I realized that my archive only went as far as November 2008, whilst the Notes started since June 2007. A year worth of posts. My posts, my life. However cheesy and messy the entries were.

Maybe I will take them all in. Gonna need quite a while to copy them one by one. I just can’t leave them stranded, ebbing away, separated from my ‘homebase’. Though seriously, what was I thinking, writing all those junks hahaha.. o well, it was still writing, after all. At least I can see that I’ve grown up since then.

I hope.