..without tapping on my MacBook and write down my thoughts in words.

So, what had me so busy that I couldn’t even sit on The Chair and do one of my favorite things for the full month?

Good Friday and Passover weekend.

A wedding. At the winery. With an acute case of bipolar weather during the entire day. Beautifully challenging.

Frenzy shopping for our humble studio.

A visit from my brother and his fiancee from back home. Good food, good laugh, good family time. And two-weekend photoshoot. Dead tired by the end of everything, yet wanting to do it all over again.

A coming trip back to home country. And other trips. I love travelling, really. I just hate planning, especially when I have moi Mama (broken French, sorry) on the other side of the argument team.

Just being me, most of the time. You know what it means.
I really need to step up. Seriously.